Foodworks 12.0

Tracks your daily meals, nutrients, and generates reports
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Contains a database with all the elements and provides all the necessary information about nutrients, plans, food calories, etc. Provides the necessary tools to add your own recipes to the database to access it later. The tree menu provides a successful organization of all your available data.

Many diseases are caused by bad food habits, food components and unbalanced mixes. FoodWorks is a comprehensive program that will help you maintain your body health and avoid many diseases.
It will provide analysis of components of different food products. The program will allow you to have a perfect comprehensive database for your diet diary, meal plans, food records or recipes. All what you have to do is fill in the forms in each food database, and the program will analyze and calculate all components and percentages of nutrient, and then present it in simple tables to be easily understood and followed. One of the main features of the program is that it will illustrate the results and ratios through presenting them in simple graphical charts. FoodWorks also includes a "Query" option that analyzes different recipes from different countries around the world. Food components are analyzed in terms of protein, fats, sugar, carbohydrates, water, alcohol, energy, starch and many other components.
One of the main disadvantages of the program is that it blocks many important tabs in the trial version.

Marian Zaky
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  • Provides a "Query" option that shows energy and food components in different types of food


  • Many important tabs and analyses are blocked in the trial version
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